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I'm taking a poll and would love to know what you think.

Some of you are friends with me on Facebook and aware that I am gathering content to write a cookbook. When I asked the question on my wall "would you buy it..." I had a landslide of encouraging comments left by my friends and followers.  Yay!

Now I need to expand my 'research' and ask my blog followers the same question but with a little more detail in the answers.


If you look to the column on the right...under the 'like it share it' gadget (which is below the 'subscribe' gadgets) you will see a poll that asks:

"Would you buy an ebook first and an expanded print version later?"

Did you find it?  I'll pause here for a second while you look to the right and find it.......

....Yep...that's the poll.  The 'easier' part is I just need you to click one or more of the answers.


Let me explain what I am thinking and the concept I want to deliver.

  • Deliver to you recipes featuring my favorite seasoning blends, baking blends and soup blends that can be made one meal at a time or in bulk for easy use month after month.  
    • include tips for storage as well as gifting ideas
    • explore ways to customize blends to meet specific dietary requirements
  • Support each of the 'blend recipes' with an assortment of recipe variations you can use throughout the year.  
    • The 'blend recipes' would be found only in the cookbook(s) but the supporting recipe variations would be offered on the blog as well as cookbook(s)
  • Grow the line of cookbooks to include my Cook Once Serve Twice concept, Filling Your Freezer Fast concept, and other solutions for those that need dinner to be fast, easy and affordable...but homemade!

  • I hear people wanting the blend recipes now...not later, but it takes a lot of time to put together a printed cookbook with photos, appealing layout and well thought out content.  
  • What if I were to offer the blend recipes sooner than later as an eBook and continue to write the expanded version for print, including all the photos, tips and design elements and launch it at a later date? 
    • It might be more than one eBook, focusing on categories so I can offer them as I get them written.  So maybe the first offering would be 'seasonings', second might be 'soups and entrees' then maybe 'desserts and breads', etc.... 
  • Would I need to offer discount coupons to those that buy the eBook(s) now to be used for a discount on the expanded print versions later?  

And if you have other thoughts, ideas or questions about what I'm thinking that aren't covered in the poll, use the comment section below.  I'm very excited about delivering exactly what you want in the time frame that makes sense. 

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  1. This makes me giddy!!! Now that you've gone into a bit more detail , I'd scoop up those ebooks in a heartbeat and buy the hard copy when it's out! An ebook for singles would save me the time of trying to do one myself! You changed my life thru your mission with HG, I still believe in it & in you and have adopted it as a part of my life. Thank you Tami!

  2. I'd like to change my "maybe" to a YES! I would buy an ebook version in a heartbeat. I love being able to make meals ahead of time and I have also ways wanted the option to blend my own seasonings so thus would be just perfect. Plus, I love cookbooks!

  3. This would be wonderful! I was a consultant for HG for just over a year when things changed. My former customers have already asked me if there are any recipes for the mixes and seasonings they had come to love. I would not only buy these but would also share the link to the e-books to my friends and former customers. This would be a terrific way for you to continue to help us bless our families with a home cooked meal in the midst of chaotic schedules.

  4. Personally, ebook vs. printed book is an either/or option for the reader. Some people will buy one or the other but not both. You the writer, however, could still offer both, knowing SOME people will spring for the ebook only and some will spring for the printed book only.

    As for me personally, I like my cookbooks in print.

  5. I love the idea of an e-book and think that the coupon idea is a great one. That way some one who is computer savvy can buy the e-books and then later buy the hardback copy as a gift for someone who isn't. Love the ideas Tami keep them coming!!


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