Dinner is Ready...1st eCookbook is on the Table

I am excited to announce that the first eCookbook, 
featuring recipes for my favorite Seasoning and Entree Blends
 is now available for purchase in 

Would you like to take a peek?

First I'll share with you the recipes featured in this edition, as listed here in the Table of Contents.
The recipe for each blend is presented with a little background of how it came to be a part of my personal pantry, followed by the recipe to make the blend.  Most of the blend recipes have 2 options:

  • Make a single use version for one meal at a time
  • Make a bulk version to store in your pantry and use as needed

In addition to the recipe for the blend, the eCookbook provides 2-3 recipes using the blend. 
  • The first recipe is a basic recipe that can be made in larger quantities so you are sure to have cooked meat left over to use for another meal in a brand new way (Cook Once / Serve Twice)
  • The second and sometimes third recipes feature ways to use what you had left from the first recipe.  We call this a Meal Trail!  

Here is a look at those 4 pages for the Italian Meatloaf Seasoning Blend:

Once you have these recipes in your hands, you can then use this blog to it's fullest extent.  For example, if you have made the bulk recipe for My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend and need some ideas for dinner tonight follow these easy steps to a solution:

FIRST: Look on the side bar to the right of the blog and find blog recipes listed by category (Look for the comfy chair!)

Find the link that says "My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend", click it and all of the recipes featuring that blend will pop up.  Take your pick, print and cook! 

Another way to search by category is by what you have in your freezer.  Looking for recipes using chicken...find the category link that says "chicken", click, print and cook.

Another way to get the most out of the blends you choose to make is with Meal Trails.  If you click the tab at the top of the blog that says 'Meal Trail', you will be directed to a list of meals that can be made one after the other, using ingredients from the first meal in all of the subsequent meals.  This is a great save of TIME  and MONEY.  Using the example we started with, My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend, here are the meal trails featured on that link at this time (the list grows as our recipe database grows!)

As you use your seasoning blends and find great new recipe ideas...bring them to the table to share!  Leave a comment with the recipe or email me at aroundthetablewithtami (@) gmail (dot) com.

I would love to feature your great ideas on future posts AND link them into new meal trails for everyone at the table.

If you want to know more details about the features of this blog, check out the tab "First Time Visitors Start Here". It takes you on a tour of the many ways this blog is designed to help you make dinner faster, affordable and still be the best cook on the block!

Let’s Eat!
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