Easy Sliders

*This recipe uses some seasoning blends found in the eCookbook, Mix it / Store it / Make it  ~ Entrees and Seasonings.  Click here to purchase and make the seasoning for your pantry!


1 pound ground beef
1 package hot dog buns
Seasoning of Choice:
  • Italian:  2 tablespoons Basil and Garlic Seasoning Blend OR 3 tablespoons Simple Spaghetti Sauce Blend 
  • Homestyle: 2 Tablespoons My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend

I set up my 'assembly line' with bulk package of ground beef, assorted seasoning blends and  gallon freezer bags.

I prelabel each bag with the name of the seasonings I am going to use and then put 1 pound portions of ground beef into each bag.  Now it's a simple process of going down the line and pouring the seasonings in one bag at a time.  This is great for getting kids involved (but on this particular day it seems there were none to be found in my kitchen!)

Once the bags of ground beef have been seasoned, I seal and smoosh! I prefer this method of mixing raw ground beef over touching it directly in a bowl!

Now it is just a matter of pushing all of the mixture to the bottom of the bag and shaping it into a log.

Now I repeat, repeat, repeat until I have an assortment of sliders to choose from all month long.

I never make just one pound of sliders at a time, no matter how many people I am serving.  The rolled out logs of seasoned hamburger freeze beautifully and store so compactly that I can make multiple batches of one flavor and/or several batches of different flavors at one time.   

When I am ready to serve the sliders, I simply take a thawed roll and peel off the bag so I can slice even portions of patties.  My tip for this is to cut the log in half, then cut each half in half again. Take these last portions and cut them into 3 equal portions, giving you 6 equal pieces from each half of the log. 

Now you can grill these if you have a grilling basket, but wide grates won't hold these little patties.  I don't have one of those, so I either bake them

or pan fry them:

Once done, I place them on my selected buns and stack them pyramid style for serving:

This was for a family meal...so pardon the paper plates.  Seriously...with a house full of teen age boys and no dish washer...what's the point of anything but paper! 

OH...and in case you are wondering what's in the plastic containers, it's homemade aioli (or better known as flavored mayo in our house)  It's really easy. Just season a portion of mayo to taste using the same seasoning you flavored the burgers with. Chill ahead of time or just while the burgers are cooking.  

Let’s Eat!
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