Flood Warning!

Yesterday I posted that there was a lot of work happening behind the scenes here at my Table, along with a 'flash flood watch' for a flurry of recipe posts.

Well, the watch is now upgraded to a warning.  
The publishing is about to begin!  

Over the course of today, tomorrow and probably the rest of this week, I'll be publishing quite a few recipes, so heads up...emails will abound if you are an email subscriber.

I truly appreciate your patience and please know that this will be a short flood season.  I'll do my best to make this as non-intrusive to your virtual mail box as possible.

NOTICE:  You will see that these impending recipe posts refer to seasoning blends you do not have access to....YET.  These are the blends that I will be publishing in my first series of eCookbooks:

Around the Table with Tami: Mix It, Store It, Make It.  

I'll have to ask for more of your patience as you begin reading recipes you cannot make without these blends.  But I promise...the book launch is very, very close *big smile*.

Let’s Eat!
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