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*This recipe uses a seasoning blend found in the eCookbook, Mix it / Store it / Make it  ~ Entrees and Seasonings.  Click here to purchase and make the seasoning for your pantry! 

It's that time of year when the corn crops are fresh and filling the bins at our local grocery stores, so today I'm sharing some my favorite ways to bring this fresh produce to my family's dinner tables. 

First, some shopping tips ~ 

Corn on the cob is at its peak May through September.  The longer the corn has been picked from the stalk, the more the sugars have started to turn to starch.  However, unless you have corn stalks growing in your back yard, the only way you can be sure to get a sweet ear of corn is to look for signs of freshness.  Husks should be tightly wrapped, grass green and slightly damp.  The corn silk can be dry, but not rotting and the stem ends moist, not yellowed.  You should also peel back a layer of the husk to check for rotting at the tip of the corn cob, and for immature corn granules.  Storage is not recommended, but if necessary, keep refrigerated in husks until ready to use.  Remove the husks and the corn silk right before cooking.  This is called shucking the corn.

And some basic cooking tips ~
·         Perfectly boiled corn on the cob:  After shucking, drop the ears of corn in a large pot of rapidly boiling water.  Cook for 3-5 minutes and serve immediately with melted butter and salt. 
·         Grilled Corn on the Cob:  Before grilling the corn in its husk, the silk must be removed.  This can be done by pulling the husks down, but not off the stem.  Remove the silks, rewrap the husks and tie at the top.  You can also place a little butter on the corn and sprinkle with your choice of seasoning before replacing the husks.  Once securely tied, place the husked corn in water for 10 minutes, then grill for 15 minutes.  

Now, that last tip about grilling is a good one, but I am usually more inclined to grill my corn after it has been fully shucked. Let me show you...

First step is to husk the corn and discard silk. After rinsing the corn, brush it with olive oil. I find it to be easier to 'rub' the corn with oil instead of brushing it. So pour a little oil (olive or canola) into the palm of your hand and then rub it all over each ear of corn.

Of course I'm all about flavor, so I like to rub the ears with a favorite seasoning blend. Some of my favorites are Lemon Pepper and Garlic Blend, Basil and Garlic Blend, Kansas Style Dry Rub Blend or Southwestern Style Blend..
Now loosely wrap 4-6 ears with aluminum foil. Place the corn bundles onto a pre-heated grill of medium heat. Put the grill lid down and cook about 30 minutes, turning once (if grill is hot or grate is close to the heat source, time may be decreased). Corn is ready when a fork is easily inserted into a kernel. You can place the corn on the back of the grill while the entree takes up the rest of the grill.

Cook Once / Serve Twice:
I highly recommend making more corn than you plan to enjoy with dinner. Enjoy the seasoned corn straight from the cob with dinner tonight and then cut the kernels from the cob and refrigerate to enjoy in soups, salads, or the great recipes! You can freeze them in small freezer bags if you have more than you can use in a week.

Season them differently to complement different recipes....
  • Some cold corn cut from the cob that was grilled with Basil and Garlic Seasoning Blend is great tossed into a pasta salad One to try from this blog is found here: Basil and Broccoli Chicken Pasta Toss.  

  • Lemon Pepper with Garlic Seasoned corn from the cob is wonderful tossed in a green salads.  Keep a supply in the fridge to use each time you make a fresh salad. Other ideas:

  • Corn seasoned with our Kansas Style Dry Rub Blend is a wonderful addition black beans.  It's as simple as opening a can of black beans, tossing in the seasoned corn and heat to serve
  • Southwestern Style Seasoned Corn is FABULOUS in our recipe for Corn Salsa Tostados. Replace the canned corn called for in the recipe with 2 cups of this grilled and seasoned corn.  YUM! 

Here are a few other recipes from the blog you'll want to try 
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