Life Around the Table: Sometimes You Just Have to Slow Down and Cuddle

I promised an update on Monday from Friday's 'Chopped' feature AND....a new Dinner Time Decision post should have gone up yesterday as well.

I returned from a road trip to Chicago area very very late Sunday night and awoke to a flurry of  urgent things that needed to be tended to (it all falls apart when 'momma' leaves for a few days!).

Got to the evening hours and I had 2 choices:

  1. Hop onto the internet and published my promised posts OR...
  2. Do this....

It had been 4 days since I'd held my sweet grandson and cuddling with him was the perfect solution to calm my frazzled nerves from the day's issues responsibilities.

So our Dinner Time Decisions this week...

  •  Last night was to eat whatever was left in the fridge.  Landon stayed on my tummy sleeping soundly while I munched on whatever was brought to me!
  • Tonight...I have those Chopped ingredients left (and that is ALL that is left!), so the comment / idea left by my mom (aka Pam) will be dinner tonight.  I'll use Garlic and Basil Seasoning on the potatoes and Lemon Pepper with Garlic on the sausage / pineapple combo. 
  • The rest of the week?  The pantry and fridge are officially e.m.p.t.y.!!  The college tuition payment that I've been saving for (and thus avoiding the grocery store and eating from the pantry)...has now been paid, so time to funnel some funds back into the grocery budget.  I'll be reviewing the grocery ads and hitting the store.  I'll touch base tomorrow or later today and share what's for dinner the rest of the week.  
    • can leave a comment and give me some ideas!  I'd love that too :-) 

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