Things are Happening Around the Table!

It has been a while since my last post announcing the impending launch of a cookbook to share my favorite seasoning blend and baking blend recipes.  I assure you though...lots of work is happening behind the scenes!

For one, there has been work on the blog.  I'm giving it a fresh look to brand it with the layout of the impending cookbooks.  I hope you like the clean design and for some of my long time readers...the familiar artwork *smile*.  As I contemplated designs for the cookbook, I had an overwhelming desire to make it feel like coming it was a family cookbook.  I hope you love it as much as I do *sigh*.

Speaking of the blog, HEADS UP to all of my email subscribers!  

As I am building the online recipe base to support the eCookbook, I need to publish them to the blog to activate links that need to be plugged into various other documents behind the scenes.  This means there will be a flood of recipes on some days as they are published to the blog...simultaneously flooding your email box.

I hope you will hang in there with me and not remove yourself from the subscription list!  
*pleading grin*

I promise this is only temporary, and as soon as the database is populated the emails will go back to only a few a week, giving you the up to the moment FYI on what's new ~ including the launch of each new cookbook!

Speaking of cookbooks, let me follow up from our last post where I asked what you thought.  Here is where I landed:

  • I will first launch a series of eCookbooks called Around the Table with Tami: Mix It, Store It, Make It.  This will get the much anticipated blend recipes into your hands much faster than the long process of laying out and printing a hard bound cookbook.  To further speed up the process, I have separated the eCookbooks into several categories, allowing me to launch them in phases instead of having to wait until every one of the recipes has been laid out. The categories for the Mix It, Store It, Make It series will be:
    • Entrees and Seasonings
    • Sides and Dips
    • Soups and Breads
    • Dessert
    • Breakfast, Beverages and Giftables
Other than the first one, I haven't settled on the order to launch them in.  If you have an opinion, feel free to leave a comment to influence my order of priority.  As for the one I will launch first ( is already in production and over 1/2 way complete)...the impending flood of published recipes to this blog will give you a BIG CLUE about the first eCookbook in the series.  *wink*

Another place to find a clue is in the newly added tabs at the top of the blog.  As you take some time to check them out, you will see that this is one of the places that I need to activate some links to make the new tabbed pages connect to live posts.  I've temporarily tricked the system by linking my 'polling post' from May, as well as this post, to some of the first recipe categories I'll be launching.  (ahem...that is a clue!) So if you play with the links remember that they won't connect to actual recipes until I launch them... THUS...  the impending onslaught of rapid release recipes coming soon!

I realize that I made my last announcement about 'recipes coming soon' back at the first of May.  And yes...I realize that was over 60 days ago.  And yes...I realize that in theory I could have already launched that first eCookbook.  But....

Some things just take priority over everything else *very happy face*
Meet Landon Harvey Denton!
In the last 60 days, I became his Nana.  
His daddy is deployed in Afghanistan, 
so his mommy came to live with her mommy (that's me *wink*) while daddy is gone.  
From deliver to daily routines, I've been enamored with this little guy!  

And we've been hanging out together quite a bit!  

Which has cut into my writing time more than I anticipated.  
All of my friends with grand babies warned me...
but it wasn't until I held this first grandchild of mine 
that I knew for sure I was in trouble!

I'm coming out of my cuddle coma though and at the key board full time now. (well...most days!)  I'm as anxious and excited about getting these recipes launched as many of you are!    

Remember...I'm all ears about what you are thinking, so leave a comment if you have a thought!

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