A TIP: Keeping Herbs Fresh

Fresh Herbs are just like fresh flowers.  They need water to live longer!  
So storing fresh herbs is a easy as cutting the ends and placing in about an inch of water. 
This is some parsley and cilantro...2 of my favorite things to keep on hand all the time.  
However, I have lots of hands moving things in and out of the fridge, 
so open containers with water are an accident waiting to happen! 
That's why I put my herbs in containers with lids.
These are great for travel too.  If you are taking a dish to a potluck or party 
and want to garnish with fresh herbs, you can put them on at the last minute to avoid wilting. 
 These will keep for long periods of time. 
I carry fresh herbs like this to demonstrations I do for a local morning news show.  
One trip I forgot to unload my herbs from the car to return to the fridge.  
It was over 24 hours and they were just as fresh as these when I finally pulled them out to refrigerate again.

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