A TIP: Quick Trick for Halving Cherry Tomatoes

I love to use cherry and grape tomatoes in salads, pastas and other fresh recipes, but slicing them in half one at a time was always so time consuming. Not anymore! 
Here is a great tip I learned from the Rachel Ray Show.

You will need 2 plastic lids of the same size. 
I am using lids from large yogut containers here, 
but you could use lids from large butter tubs or even storage containers from your pantry. 
They just need to be the same size and have a flat interior surface.

Place the tomatoes on the inside of one of the lids, filling up the lid with as many tomatoes as you can,
and place the matching lid on top of the tomatoes (as show below).

Press down slightly on the top lid to hold the tomatoes firmly in place 
and using a sharp knife, slice through one side all the way to the other side.

Remove the top lid and you have a handful of cherry or grape tomatoes perfectly and evenly sliced! 
Ready for any salad, pasta or pizza dish you want to place them on. 
OR...just top with a little S&P and serve just as they are. Yum!!

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  1. LOVE this tip! I am going to use it today. Thanks for passing it along.


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