Chopped Challenge: Week 2

There is a show on the Food Network (Chopped) that puts experienced chefs to the test with a basket full of odd food parings; challenging them to create a dish that is attractive and delicious.  They are also put against a time clock to make their culinary decisions and act on them before the time runs out.  Then their dishes are placed in front of a panel of critics, ready and willing to give their opinion of the chef's gallant efforts to create something from nothing.

I think this show concept was created by a mom.  Think about it.  The similarities are blatantly obvious....
  • dinner made from whatever is left in the kitchen ~ something everyone experiences when a trip to the grocery store must wait until payday at the end of the week!
  • time clock is ticking ~ home from a busy day, it's 5:00, everyone is yelling 'I'm hungry' and looking at you for the fast as you can!  
  • meal presented to a panel of critics ~ ummmm....two words: feeding kids! 
We've all been in that place where we had to make something out of nothing...or something out of a little of this and a little of that and nothing that makes sense.  I'd like to draw on all of that experience and have some fun at the same time.  Are you ready to play? 

Chopped Challenge
Week 2

Here's how it works  I'll present a basket of items in my kitchen that need to be used for dinner.  Then it is your turn to make suggestions! A few guidelines to make it challenging fun!

You Can...
  • use seasonings, spices, herbs that are typically found in a home kitchen (one of our blends in the recipe would be fun but is NOT necessary to play *smile*)
  • pull from staples typically found in a home kitchen (milk, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, rice, pasta, juice, etc...)
You CanNot...
  • use ingredients that are so unique the average person would have to run to the store to make the recipe (the idea is to see if we can create with what we have)
You Must...
  • Use all of the ingredients listed in some way, shape or form.  

Before we play this week, I have a confession to make.  

Ya know how I said last week that my freezer was empty with no options for dinner?  Well.....

...I lied ~ just a little *wink*

You see, I have had this in my freezer for several months:
(yes...I realize it is sideways...but fixing it wasn't I quit trying!)
You see...I bought this with GREAT intentions.  Problem is the boys don't (or won't!) eat fish.  Now that my daughter is with us until her Army Hubby comes back from deployment, I have a fish eater to join me at the table.  That said...

I need some help!  When I open the freezer and see the fish, I go blank and default to what I know.  I'd love your ideas so...
Ready to play???

Here is this week's basket:
Fresh Spinach

Use the comment section and tell us how you would use these familiar ingredients to make dinner a hurry...for a panel of critics hungry family!

I'll be back on Monday and tell you which idea I ended up serving my family!

Let’s Eat!
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