Chopped Decisions...Week 2

On Friday I published a 'Chopped' Challenge with these ingredients:

And I confessed to a secret hiding in my freezer...a bag of frozen snapper. 
It was hiding because I didn't know what to do with it. 
The cantaloupe was in the basket because it's in season right now and I'm a BIG fan of cantaloupe (but ONLY when it's in season).  So my fridge has a few of them ( did). 
Spinach is another regular in my vegetable drawer, and as usual, it has to be used up quickly after I open it the first time.  So, again, chopped challenge was all about my needs *grin*. 

Wow...I was so. very. inspired.!!!!!

We had several great suggestions left in the comment section (you really should hop over there and see the creative inspiration left in the comment here to see, but be sure to come back and see what it inspired in my kitchen *wink*)  

Becky suggested I use parchment packets to prepare my fish. Her idea was to try using the microwave, but I'm just not a big micro cook. I was, however, inspired to try using the parchment packet in the oven.  She also suggested I top the fish with some fresh veggies (whatever was in the fridge) before closing up the packet, so I used the spinach and added some slices of a yellow bell pepper.  I also chose to use the Lemon Pepper with Garlic Seasoning Blend to season the packet ingredients (a trend you will see here very shortly!) 

I confess that only AFTER I finished making, consuming and writing about the experience, I noticed she suggested adding a little liquid to the packet.  I think that would have been a great idea...and will try next time.  HOWEVER...I was over the top happy with my finished dish.
CLICK HERE to see the recipe I posted on the blog along with the printer friendly recipe card
Carol left a suggested meal that also peeked my interest, but it required the use of a grill, which we have but fell victim to a fire several months ago.  (lesson NOT walk away from the grill with good intentions of coming right back *oops*) I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to hop over and read her comment though.  She leaves a GREAT tip for using lemon slices to keep the fish fillets from sticking to the grill. 

Even though I was unable to enjoy the grilling suggestion, Carol chimed in with Becky and suggested a salad made with the spinach and cantaloupe, both sharing variations on a vinaigrette dressing.  I combined a little of each idea with a little of my own thoughts and ended up with a Spinach and Cantaloupe Salad with Lemon Garlic Balsamic Dressing.  It is a mouthful to say but it lives up to it's name as a mouth full of amazing flavors!  This ended up being my favorite dish of all.  The conflicting sweet of the cantaloupe with the tart of the balsamic was to. die. for.!  I will be making this all summer...until the cantaloupes stop being sweet.  
CLICK HERE to see the recipe I posted on the blog along with a printer friendly recipe card
Tiffany popped on at the last hour with a great suggestion for a breaded and pan seared fillet.  I'm a sucker for anything cooked in melted butter and olive oil (uh...yum!), so I couldn't help myself.  I had to give it a whirl, adding my personal touch.  Instead of seasoning the flour with salt and pepper, I used the Lemon Pepper with Garlic Seasoning Blend (told you in #1 you'd see a trend today!) 

Tiffany also inspired a side dish that is so fast to prepare but full of great flavor that it is an excellent option for any meal needing a little 'green'.  Using the spinach in our 'chopped' basket, her recipe had us saute it in a little butter along with a variety of other vegetables to toss in the pan.  I only had bell pepper on hand today, but that was enough when I seasoned it know it's coming...Lemon Pepper with Garlic Seasoning Blend.  De.Lish! I placed my sauteed spinach over the pan seared fish and enjoyed myself very much *grin*. 
CLICK HERE for the fish recipe and CLICK HERE for the sauteed spinach with peppers recipe.
Both offer a printer friendly recipe card download if desired.

A big thanks to those that joined in on the challenge.
I had the best time trying out the ideas that inspired me.

If you missed joining us this time, look for a new challenge on Friday.
I'm sure there will be things in my pantry I need ideas for so they don't go to waste!
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