Life Around the Table: Nominations Require an Acceptance Speech!

I've decided to put my Dinner Time Decision posts on a one week delay.  This way I can document my experiences and gather new recipes to post along the way.  Otherwise, I'm telling what I plan to make, and sometimes I plan to make a recipe I haven't posted yet!  
This means I don't have a menu plan for you.  However, last week I showed you my system, so feel free to  hop over here and read the 'how to' and download your own planner while you are there! 
In fact, I shared that menu planning post over at Create With Joy and was chosen as a featured post this week.  How awesome is that! *big smile*.   She has a weekly blog party called....
click the pic to see the recent post! take a moment to click over there when you are done here and be truly inspired by the creative ideas that are linking up this week!  (thanks again Creative With Joy...loved being a part of the party!)
Speaking of special mentions...I had another bloggy nod a week or so ago.  Monica over at Minnesota Transplant bestowed this little award on my table...
I used to work with Monica during my Homemade Gourmet days, but stay connected with her over our love for writing.  I hope you will hop over to Monica's place and browse her posts too.  She is a lovely writer and shares her thoughts on daily life with insightful wit!  In fact, she has a novel that is scheduled to launch this month.    I can't wait to read it!
Acceptance of this bloggy award has a few strings attached *ahem*...but it sounded like fun and gives me a chance to share some things with you I may not have told you before.   The strings are:
  1. share seven facts about myself 
  2. nominate 15 other bloggers as inspiring.

     I have 4 children (well...I gave birth to them, but one could harldy call them children anymore!
    ...and now (well, about 2 years ago)

    I've lost 40 pounds since that 'now' photo was taken above, but I don't have pictures to prove it. :-/  You'll have to take my word for it! 

    I'm also a grandma, mimi, nonnie, nana, ??? The title hasn't been completely decided upon yet, but I have a grandson nonetheless!  First one and I'm smitten!
    cooking with Nana...
    Monica mentioned bad things happening in threes on her bloggy acceptance speech, and if that is true, then I should be done for a while.  In the last 2 weeks we've had the radiator go out on one car, the alternator go out on another and a pipe carrying the water from our well to our home burst underground.  (no showers that day!).  I hope Monica is correct and we are done with little surprises for a while (pretty please!)

    While this blog and the topics of this blog are near and dear to my heart, my deepest passion for writing is shared at another table ~ Feeding a Hungry Soul.  I've been writing a book on the topic of time at the table with God and hope to have it published some day. Just like here, I like to share 'recipe' cards over there too!  

    Before I was a wife, mom, nana, and business owner, I was a professional singer.  Yep.  I was a featured singer on a cruise ship when I got married.  Child #1 put an end to that career...right when I was being offered a contract for a job on a world cruise.  I've told him for 23 years that he owes me a world cruise *grin*.  

    Even though I have a background as a singer and I love public speaking, I'm really very shy.  An introvert.  My favorite place to be is in a quiet space with a notebook and a pen. That's why I love my country home in the woods...
    taken during the snow storm of 2010...don't have a current photo, but this is my favorite view of the house of all time!

    NOW...Fifteen nominations of other blogs that inspire me.  Here goes...
    1. Foodie Friends Friday is a great place to get recipe ideas.  I hooked up with them recently to sponsor the winners of a linky party.  
    2. Another place for gathering inspirational ideas is A Pinch of Joy.  
    3. A new blog on my reading list has been Passionate Perseverance.  You might enjoy her writings as well.  
    4. Skip to My Lou offers a wealth of inspiration on a variety of topics, and it has one of my favorite toys...a recipe card creator.  (I'll be sharing more about it in the near future)
    5. Another good place for 'go to' recipes is Walking on Sunshine
    6. A visit to Crumbs and Chaos always makes me smile...maybe it's the colorful design of their blog! 
    7. wow...FIFTEEN!  I must confess that it is nearing midnight and I have a 6 a.m. wake up call, so I'm going to short cut this part of the acceptance speech and share with you the list of my favorite blogging spots by CLICKING HERE. You are sure to be inspired by any of them! 

    Let’s Eat!
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