Parchment Steamed Fish with Garlic Lemon Spinach

*This recipe uses a seasoning blend found in the eCookbook, Mix it / Store it / Make it  ~ Entrees and Seasonings.  Click here to purchase and make the seasoning for your pantry! 

This recipe serves one.  Adjust accordingly to serve more than one. 


Parchment paper
1 fish fillet (snapper, tilapia, etc)
Olive oil spray
Lemon Pepper with Garlic Seasoning Blend
Fresh Spinach Leaves
Bell Pepper, sliced (red, yellow or orange are best)


1. Preheat oven to 400. Place a sheet of parchment paper on counter, large enough to fold over fish completely.
2. Place the fillet in the center of the parchment sheet and coat with olive oil (I prefer a spray but it can be brushed or drizzled)    
3. Sprinkle generously with Lemon Pepper with Garlic Seasoning Blend 
4. Top with a generous handful of spinach leaves and bell pepper slices.
5. Pull together the long sides of the parchment paper and roll together.  Roll in the edges, like rolling up a tube of toothpaste.
6. Place packaged fish on a baking sheet and bake for 20-30 minute, until fish flakes with a fork. 
7. Remove fish from packet and serve immediately. 

place fillet on parchment sheet, coat with olive oil and sprinkle with Lemon Pepper and Garlic Seasoning Blend 
top with spinach and bell pepper
bring long sides together and fold down
roll up ends as if rolling a tube of toothpaste
packet after baking...ready to open
opened packet...remove fish to serve
Let’s Eat!
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