Tuesday Trails #1

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One of my favorite things to do is create what I call Meal Trails.  This is a trail of meals that connect with the Cook Once / Serve Twice concept.  It makes meal planning budget friendly by using all of the food I already have in the house and it saves me time in the kitchen, eliminating extra preparation steps throughout the week. 

I keep a collection of these meal trailing ideas over here....{click!}, 
but to help introduce readers to the concept a 'bite' at a time, I'll feature a couple of trails every Tuesday.  

This week I'm featuring a string of meals
 you can trail together using

It starts with the sauce and only works if you follow the directions for making a quadrupled version of the recipe.  But it's SO EASY to throw all of the ingredients (x4) into a 6 quart slow cooker, why wouldn't you do it? I mean...you can throw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker, put it on low and then go about the rest of your morning / afternoon / {late night???}.  

It's like the laundry.  
I put a load in first thing in the morning, while my coffee brews...
and then remember it was there later than day when someone asks 
"did you wash my _____"  
('sure honey...it's going in the dryer right now!')

When they start asking, "What's for dinner" 
you can remember you started it already and feel relieved you have the answer!  

Recipe and instructions for bulking up x4 right here...{click!}

Once you have your sauce bagged and ready for the freezer...

The TRAIL OF MEAL IDEAS looks like this:

Cheesy Pizza Dip (great after school snack ready to go!)
Parmigiana Chicken (trailed with Parmigiana Chicken Sandwiches)

The recipes in the trail above marked with an * are made faster and easier if you have some precooked ground beef ready to go in the freezer.  A bag of precooked meatballs is a good idea too! (see ** recipes)

Tami's Tips:
A few more suggestions to make your 'trail ride' easier!
  • When making the slow cooker full of sauce, plan a meal that day that uses the sauce. (pick one...anyone!)  
  • Some of the trailed recipes use 2 cups of sauce instead of 4 (one batch makes 4 cups).  This is great! It means you have more than 4 meal trails ready to go from one quadrupled recipe...woohoo!  For this reason, consider bagging some of the sauce in 2 cup portions instead of 4.  
  • Want some baby step meal trail ideas?  Here are a few of our family favorites...


Meal #1
Meal #2
Meal #3 
made later in the week


Meal #1
(just sauce and noodles...a salad on the side!)
Meal #2
(the next night because I'm going to use the EXTRA NOODLES I boiled from Meal #1 
to go with this recipe..hint/hint)
Meal #3
Meal #4
(these are a great Sunday afternoon family meal...
so be sure to make a double batch of the chicken from meal #2)

(make all of the cooked ground beef when preparing meal #1
and save the rest in the freezer in 2 cup portions so you are ready to 'hit the trail' running the rest of the week!)

Meal #1
Spaghetti with Meatsauce
(schedule this meal on a day when you can make the bulk sauce
AND the bulk cooked ground beef so meals 2-4 are ready to go)
Meal #2
Saucy Ravioli Casserole
Meal #3
Dreamy Baked Spaghetti
Meal #4

Happy Trails to You!

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