TUTORIAL: Freezer Filling Session

Last week I took some time to fill my freezer with a few meals, using the meat I had on hand as well as some roasts that were on sale.  This is how easy it was...

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When I'm done, I'll have these meals in the freezer:

Let's do this!

First steps first... gather all of your ingredients and set them out on a work space.  This includes all of the ingredients you will need for each recipe, the freezer bags, a black permanent marker, measuring spoons and cups and all seasonings required.

I had a picture of this all set up.  Somewhere.  Not sure where now though.  Hmmm. I guess you will have to use your imagination! Key thing to remember...have it all out in one spot so you are not running around from recipe to recipe.  This is part of making it 'fast and easy'!

With all of the ingredients set out, I started by bagging all of my meats 
and labeling them with the recipe name I intended to freeze and the month/year dating.  
Bagging these first keeps the 'meat handling' all together.  
I can then wash my hands before I handle all of the other ingredients.  

With my meats all lined up, I start with the first roast to make Pot Roast with Creamy Gravy
I just need some water and cream of mushroom soup...
 This gets blended together in a bowl with My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend
Stir to fully blend...
 ....and then pour it over the bagged roast. 
(there we go...in this picture you can see how all of the ingredients are set out, 
along with the printed recipes from the blog for making each bagged meal. )
BTW...you can also see here that I use one mixing bowl to hold the bagged meat, making it easier to pour ingredients without the need of another hand.  
 Once filled, I squeeze out the extra air, seal and set aside...ready to put in the freezer when I'm done.  
This took me about 2 minutes!
Next up is the traditional slow cooked pot roast.  
This recipe calls for the addition of carrots, potatoes and green beans.  
I prefer just adding them at the time of preparation, so this one is easy.  
Just add 6-10 tablespoons of My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend to the bag. 
 Now seal and it's ready to freeze.  
When it is time to make this roast, the recipe calls for enough water to cover the roast in the slow cooker.  
I can take this bag straight from the freezer, 
fill it with hot water to dissolve all of the seasoning that sticks to the bag 
and pour it into the slow cooker.  
I'll add the veggies then too and let it cook all day.  
The roast does not need to be defrosted.  
What was that?  30 seconds? Wow...we are filling this freezer fast!
Now it's time to make some Amazing Pork Chops 
I use my measuring cup, filling it up with the appropriate portions of liquid ingredients called for in this recipe (Worcestershire, soy sauce...) and then add the Southwest Seasoning Blend
 Stir it all up and pour into the freezer bag filled with my pork chops...
 Oh ya...three down and one to go.  I'd say about 10 minutes and counting. 
Last up, Orange BBQ Chicken.
This recipe calls for 5 oz of marmalade, but typical jars have 10 oz. 
For this reason, I like to make 2 bags of this at one time 
so I don't end up losing 1/2 a jar of marmalade to mold in the future. 
Also...the recipe calls for chicken breasts, and while I had enough for one recipe, I defaulted to some drumsticks I had picked up on sale for the second bagged meal.   
It's all chicken...so let's make it work!
Again, I pour the prescribed amount of water into the measuring cup 
and then use water displacement to measure the amount of orange marmalade called for.  
In other words, 1/2 cup water into the measuring cup.  
5 oz of marmalade is a bit more than 1/2 cup, 
so add the gooey jam until the water reaches a little beyond the 1 cup mark.  
Now I add the Kansas Style Dry Rub Blend and stir to combine. 
 One last time...this gets poured into the bag of chicken. 
Oops... I lied...we do this twice, so one last time...again! 
 Here they are...my 5 meals ready to go into the freezer.  Best 20-30 minutes I spend all day! 
I love a freezer full of easy ideas and simple choices!
Oh...I almost forgot my favorite part!  
This is why I make a big deal about mixing liquids and seasonings in the measuring cup...
5 meals in my freezer and these are all I have in dirty dishes.  
Not bad...especially since I have no dishwasher and I'll be cleaning these all by hand.  

What's in your freezer?  Are you planning a time to fill up with some bagged meals?  Be sure to take a sec to click comments and say hello!

Dinner's In the Bag ~ Beef

Dinner's In the Bag ~ Chicken

Dinner's In the Bag ~ Pork

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