Saturday Stroll ~ What's Cookin' Down the Street #3

The internet is full of talented and creative people who inspire us all to try new things or show us how to do ordinary things better or more easily.  From blogs to websites; pinterest to facebook...there is so much to see, learn and do!

I'm always finding something new and every Saturday we'll take a stroll down the street to see what's cookin' at some other tables I've visited!

Let's start with some pins from Tami's Table Pinterest Boards:


I'm sure I'll be trying this in the near future...
if I can get my family to save the Parmesan cheese shakers when they empty one!
{not complaining...since their desire to toss the trash
is along fought battle to stop leaving empty containers on the counter
 for the maid mom!}

I saw this recently and think it is such a well laid out version. 
When my daughter was getting married 2 years ago, I wish I'd had this to give her instead of the clumsy one I threw together to help her start managing her own family budget.
Great form for any family...but definitely one to share with young families just starting out! 

Other blogging neighbors that inspired me include these: 

I really enjoyed their recent post called:
15 Helpful Tips When Cooking with a Slow Cooker 

It's some great 'info to know' if you are using any of 
the slow cooker recipes featured on this blog

or check out this cookbook by the Sisters:

Click here to shop SixSistersStuff. 

So that's our stroll for this Saturday.  
I'd love to hear what has inspired you recently too!  
Feel free to leave a link or thought in the comments section below.  
I may snag it and pin it, post it or feature it in coming weeks! 

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Disclosure statement: I was not financially compensated to promote or suggest any of the companies, blogs or links featured in this neighborhood stroll.  These are just things I was inspired by, used personally or found interesting that I wanted to pass along to you.  Enjoy!

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