Tuesdays Trails #3

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One of my favorite things to do is create what I call Meal Trails.  This is a trail of meals that connect with the Cook Once / Serve Twice concept.  It makes meal planning budget friendly by using all of the food I already have in the house and it saves me time in the kitchen, eliminating extra preparation steps throughout the week. 

I keep a collection of these meal trailing ideas over here....{click!}, 
but to help introduce readers to the concept a 'bite' at a time, I'll feature a couple of trails every Tuesday.  

This week I'm featuring a string of meals
 you can trail together using

The TRAIL OF MEAL IDEAS looks like this:

The recipes in the trail below marked with an * are made faster and easier if you follow the freezer filling ideas to make them ahead of time.  We call these 'dinner's in the bag'! Here is an example of a 'freezer filling session'!


Meal #1
Meal #2
BBQ Shepherd's Pie
Meal #3 
Stuffed Baked Potato 
(recipe for meals 2 and 3  here )


Meal #1
(be sure to make a double batch so you have plenty for meal #2)
Meal #2


Meal #1
BBQ Style Pork Roast*
(make the roast extra large so you are sure to have leftovers for meal #2)
Meal #2
Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Meal #1
Meal #2
Happy Trails to You!

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