Ghostly Mashed Potatoes

Ghosts for Dinner....

Family time around the table can be fun this time of year.  Here is one of my 'go to' dinner time tricks to make time around the table special the week of Halloween.  

To make the ghosts, can use mashed potatoes made by boiling and seasoning some fresh potatoes.  

Whichever option you choose, when the potatoes are ready, 
put them into a large plastic bag 
and twist the end to seal

To make the optional base,
I use blue potatoes found in most grocery stores. 
They look like this when you cut them open...
The base is not necessary, but if you want to have the look of 
the ghosts coming up out of a graveyard, 
just boil, season and mash these blue potatoes
and then put them in the bottom of your serving dish

To make the ghosts,
cut off the tip of the bag of mashed potatoes...

Now you are ready to make your ghosts.  
Just squeeze dollops on top of your blue/black base or into an empty serving dish, 
releasing the pressure as you build to the top to create a wider base and smaller top. 

(confession...I am not real handy with a pastry style bag, 
so I actually pinched the tops of a few of my ghosts into shape with my finger...
...go ahead, no one is looking!)

Now it's time to give the blobs the ghostly touch!  
Using peppercorns (I like the colorful kind) or whole cloves

Press them into the top of the 'blob' for eyes and use your finger to press out a mouth. 
Older kids have a great time helping with this dish!

Now your ghostly potatoes are ready to join the rest of your meal 
and be served as a fun addition to a Halloween dinner.  
We served ours with oven baked chicken and coleslaw

Aside...if you are as slow as I am at getting my ghosts piped and ready, you may need to warm them up a bit before serving.  Use a microwavable serving dish so you can pop them into the microwave right before dinner is to be served.  

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  1. Such a cute idea to make dinner fun!! Thanks so much for linking up to Mom's Test Meal Mondays!


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