Homemade Biscuit / Baking Mix

Biscuit / Baking mixes can be expensive, so I decided to search the "www" for a homemade version I could  whip up whenever I needed it.  

This one is easy to make and uses things I typically have on hand.  It will keep on the shelf for a year (although mine never has a chance to sit around that long!)

1- 5# bag of flour (=20 cups)
1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons salt
6 tablespoons +2 teaspoons sugar
2/3 cup baking powder
1# can of shortening, not butter style (= 2 cups)*


  1. In a very large bowl (you will need room to work the shortening in with your hands) place all of the dry ingredients.  Using a whisk, combine these ingredients thoroughly, scraping the sides and pulling up from the bottom repeatedly.  When you think you have done it enough...do it a few minutes longer to be sure all of the ingredients are blended together. 
  2. Add the 1 pound can of shortening (or 2 cups) and work it into the dry ingredients with your hands.  Continue until the mixture resembles cornmeal and forms a ball if you squeeze it together.  
  3. Store in the pantry (cool dry place) for up to a year.  Use in recipes that call for biscuit or baking mixes.  
  • One full recipe (24 cups) will fill a gallon sized container
  • If you want to package it in bags that are equal to a 40 oz box of biscuit mix (the typical sized box of branded mixes on grocery store shelves), scoop 8 cups of the blend into gallon sized bags and seal.  This recipe makes three 8 cup bags.  

Simple ingredients that you probably have on your pantry shelf already.  *NOTE: I choose to use a 1 pound can of shortening for simplicity.  I don't use enough shortening in my daily cooking to justify buying a full sized can, and the small, 1# can is a bit over 2 cups (the amount the recipe actually calls for), so I don't work real hard at scraping every bit of the shortening out of the can! 

It's important to use a whisk when blending.  It results in more thorough blending.  Also...because all of the ingredients are white you cannot tell if they are well blended or not, so just whisk it a bit longer than you think is necessary to be sure. It's important that every tablespoon of the dry blend has the same portion of the individual ingredients. 

Shortening in the dry blend...ready to combine!  Take off the rings and dig in!

Just work your hands through the ingredients, squeezing as you go.  It won't take as  long as you think to get it all worked in. 

It's done when it looks like white cornmeal...like this! 

To be sure you have it completely blended, grab a handful and squeeze.  If it forms a ball that holds together, it is ready. 

This container has a permanent place on my pantry shelf...and as you can see, I've already used half of the container and  I just made it the day before (see Breads eCookbook...I use it a lot for those bread blends!) 

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