Life Around the Table: Time to Catch UP!

I thought I'd take a moment to touch base and catch you up with all that has been happening around the table! 

For those that have been watching, you may have noticed it's been feast or famine around here with the postings.  

Famine... This was a result of me turning all attention to finishing the Breads eCookbook.  So much measuring, baking and took me quite a while. 

Feast... Sorry for the onslaught of recipes recently, but I've had a lot of catching up to do with recipes promised in the last 2 eCookbooks!  And I'm still not done {yikes!}

So let me just give you a bulleted list of 
what has happened, 
what you may have missed and 
what to expect in the coming days:
what's happened....
  • I spent all of today posting recipes I promised in the Soups eCookbook. I have quite a few more to go, but I'm excited to be making headway.  So far I have all recipes promised for the Tortilla Soup Blend and the Chicken Enchilada Soup Blend.  I'll get the remaining recipes posted by the end of the week.  Some of my faves from these recent posts are:
what you may have missed...
  • The breads eCookbook launched last week. *YAY*  I forgot {oops} to send out an official announcement, but I did post a tutorial recently showing how I filled my pantry with all of the quick and easy bread blends. (see it here)  Hop over here to buy your copy of the book if you don't already have it!
what to expect next....(yikes...this list is LONG!)
  • Wednesday is volunteer day at the food bank, so no more recipe posting until Thursday, but I'll hit the key board hard at that time and try to finish all of the 'promised' recipe from the Soups eCookbook.  
  • As soon as I get through that list, I'll turn my attention to 'promised' recipes for the bread blends in the Breads eCookbook
  • A tutorial is in the works to show you how I recently stocked my pantry with the Soup Blends.  It has been wonderful having all of those soup blends at my finger tips these past few weeks.  
  • ONE MORE COOKBOOK...(maybe 2?)  When I'm not at the keyboard, I'm tweaking blends for the upcoming desserts eCookbook (yum!) Hoping to have that out before the end of October. Haven't decided if I'm going to break it up into 2 separate books yet or not.
  • As soon as the dessert book is done, I'll release a FREE eBook to show you how to take all of my seasoning blends and create unique and 'from the heart of the home' gifts for family and friends.  (I'm so excited about this!!!)
Phew...that's a lot of stuff I've done and still have to do!  
 I've got a goal you can help me with...

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