Dinner Time Decisions: Week 6

While the kitchen conversations are swirling around the Thanksgiving Menu this week, I'm guessing many of you are like me....I have some people in my house that are going to want to eat the other days this week!

AND....I'm going to bet that many of you are also like me when that reality dawned on you 5 minutes ago as you were neatly planning out your week! (ok...just now...it dawned on me just now...and I DON'T have a plan *ugh*)

And yet, I'm sitting here on this Sunday evening, sipping on my Cherry Limeade without a single spark of panic.

  • Kid's home from school this week ~ no problem.
  • Grocery stores insane this week ~ not an issue
  • Extra baking and cooking to do for 'that' day? Of course, but I have a plan for that (just no plan for all of the other meals!) ~ no worries
While I have been guilty of living in denial at times, I am confident this isn't one of them. 

And my confidence comes from my faith in my pantry and freezer!

While I may not have an official menu plan for this coming week, I have the benefit of past planning to lean on.

In my freezer:

In my pantry:

  • A full selection of seasoning, soup and bread blends (see list here)
  • The basic canned goods that I always keep for easy dinner options:
    • diced tomatoes 
    • tomatoes with chilis
    • green beans
    • corn
    • canned beans
    • cream of something soups
    • assorted pasta
THAT is my PLAN!  

What I'll have when ~ I don't have a clue. It will be driven by how the days go.  

If I don't get ahead of myself first thing in the morning, 
I'll probably remember to put one of the 3 'Dinner's in the Bag' options 
from the freezer into the slow cooker.  

In which case, my UNPLANNED meal might look like this...
Pot Roast with Creamy Gravy
Instantly Delicious Mashed Potatoes
Creamy Coleslaw
(2 sides made quickly from mixes already made in my pantry!)

OR it might look like this...

(yes...again ~ it makes a big batch!)
~ ~ ~ 
On the days I let life get ahead of me 
and I don't think about dinner 
until I hear those all too familiar words
"I'm hungry, what's for dinner?"

For THOSE days, 
soup and chili mixes will come to my rescue!
So dinner might look like this...

OR this...

OR this...

~ ~ ~ 

And for those times when the boys have all of their friends at home
and want something fast and filling, 

The seasoning blends in my pantry and the precooked meat in my freezer
means dinner might look like this...

OR this....
(and yes...we eat mac n cheese too!)

Thanksgiving Week?
I don't have a plan!

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