Petite Sandwiches (for a party or a meal)

These mini sandwiches are perfect for party appetizers or partnered with a salad or bowl of soup.

The biscuits are simple to prepare, making 'fresh baked' the star of this dish!

The recipe for the Garlic and Cheese Biscuits 
can be found in my Breads eCookbook, 
just $2.99 in the Book Store. 

Follow that recipe, using a 2 tablespoon measurement to make each biscuit.  

Because the biscuits themselves 
are made with great flavors like:

  • garlic
  • parmesan cheese
  • cheddar
  • basil

The flavor level is top notch! 

No need to add a lot of 'extras' to the sandwich layers.  

This makes building the mini sandwiches extremely simple. 
When the biscuits are slightly cooled, build your mini sandwiches like this:

Split each biscuit in half and spread a condiment of choice.  I've used a spiced brown mustard here because I'm using ham as my meat and, just sounded good! 
Choose your condiments according to the meat you are adding, but options include:
~mustard (flavored ones are nice!)
~mayonnaise (I have a garlic mayo on my shelf I think I'll try next time)
~salad dressings (a balsamic based one sounds good!)

Next, add a veggie layer.  
I chose these slices of Roma Tomatoes 
because I wanted the sweetness to balance with the mustard.  
I was thinking a thick slice of cucumber would be nice too,
especially if I went with that Garlic Mayo I talked about above!

Now a slice of cheese.
If you use a round slice, you can fold it into fourths to make 
triangular shaped pieces like these and they fit perfectly
onto the small buns.  Again...choose your cheese to complement your meat choice. 
I've used a smoked provolone here, but some other good options include:
~cheddar (mild or sharp...both would work)
~gouda (this would really add a nice level of flavor!)
~brie (the creaminess of this cheese would be really nice on this bun!)

 And now your meat layer. 
Choose a deli meat that has been sliced thin, but not paper thin.
The idea is to be able to fold the sliced meat into a triangular shape
(like these above), giving the illusion of several slices but really 
only one slice is necessary.  
This keeps the cost of these sandwiches low without skimping on flavor! 
I've used honey ham here, but turkey or even salami would be nice alternatives. 

Put the tops with the bottom and you are ready to serve!
These are impressive lined up on a long serving platter 
as party food, or served along side a salad or soup 
for an easy but wonderful
meal option.  

Find more recipes for making homemade quick bread mixes HERE...look for the Breads eCookbook.

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