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I am all about efficiency of time.  Have been for all of my adult life.  (I won't make claims about my teenage years at home because my mom reads this blog and, know!  We were all teenagers once *grin*)

I am constantly thinking of ways to eliminate steps, save time or combine efforts to accomplish multiple results.  I used to think everyone thought this way.  But I was wrong!  Over the years I have learned that I can add value to the lives of others by sharing my thoughts about saving time and short cuts for getting things done.

The kitchen is no exception.  My favorite thing to do to save time and effort in the kitchen is to Cook Once and then be able to serve future meals at another time...but NOT leftovers!  (Serve Twice)  Sometimes I can even Cook Once and Serve 3 or more times.  You should see me doing the happy dance when I come across those moments.  Ya...I'm weird like that!

On this blog I will share the Cook Once / Serve Twice ideas and concepts I have in the various recipes I've posted.  You'll find the Cook Once / Serve Twice notations on applicable recipes at the bottom of the page, but to help you out, there is a link here that lists all of the recipes that allow you to Cook Once and Serve Twice (or more).

Being ready is the best way to be sure you don't default to fast food or cereal options for dinner night after night.  If you are like me, I always start out the day or the week with great intentions of well thought out meals, but reality hits around 6:00 every evening and my exhaustion or lack of time trumps my intentions every time. 

This is why I make it a habit to keep some basic ingredients in my freezer at all times:
  1. 1 pound packages of precooked ground beef and/or turkey
  2. 1 pound packages of precooked and shredded chicken
  3. Freezer bags of prepared spaghetti sauce
How many times do we begin to prepare dinner and get to that frozen rock of  raw ground beef and think to ourselves "ugh...that is going to take time and effort to thaw and cook before I even get to the recipe I planned for tonight." 

On the other hand....if I open the freezer to a quart sized storage bag of precooked ground beef  my thoughts sound more like this: 'yes...a quick defrost in the microwave and I can toss this into the _______ (insert a variety of options here, like soup, casserole, tacos, sauce, etc...) and have dinner ready in no time!"

The concept is the same for precooked, 1 pound portions of shredded chicken.  

So my Cook Once / Serve Twice page wouldn't be complete without a list of recipes using precooked ground beef or shredded chicken.  These links below will show you the variety of options found on this blog.  


  • (click here for a tip on cooking 10 pounds of ground beef or turkey in a hurry)


  • (click here for a tip on cooking and shredding several pounds of chicken in a hurry)

And as for the bags of spaghetti sauce,
 here is a link sharing a trail of meals I can quickly make at a moment's notice:

  • (click here for spaghetti sauce recipe.  See Fill the Freezer note for bulk booking tip)

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