Fill the Freezer

When I think about a full freezer...
this is an image that comes to mind ~ 
Or it might look like this ~ 

Each bag represents DINNER!

I love it when I know that Dinner is In The Bag!

Click here to see a series of Fill the Freezer Tutorials
with pictures of the step by step process and links to recipes

Throughout this blog you will see this icon at the bottom of applicable recipe posts:

Fill the Freezer: 
(appropriate information would be listed here)

Whenever a recipe can be put into a gallon sized freezer bag and stored for easy preparation another night, I'll be sure to point it out for you.

These meals are very easy to make and as you can see, they take up very little space, so even those with a small freezer can afford to give up some of that precious frozen real estate to a handful of meals in a bag.

One of my favorite things to do is set up an assembly line process to fill my freezer  for the month in less than 30 minutes.  I typically do this when my favorite cuts of meat go on sale.  From boneless, skinless chicken breasts, to round steak, roasts, pork chops, tenderloins...and more, they all lend themselves to this type of frozen dinner.  When an item goes on sale at the market, I'll set aside an hour to fill the freezer! (see examples here)

Dinner's in the  Bag!

  1. Identify the recipes you want to put into freezer bags this time around, print and stack them neatly. 
  2. Pull out all of the seasoning blends / canned goods, liquids / meats required for your recipes and set them out on a large work surface (counter, dining pong table *grin*)  Don't forget the box of freezer bags!
  3. Put the items in this order: 
    1. stack of recipes
    2. box of freezer bags and a black sharpie
    3. meats of choice (can be all one kind or a variety)
    4. seasoning blends to be used (along with a set of measuring spoons)
    5. canned and/or liquid ingredients to be used (along with a set of measuring spoons and cups)
    6. empty space to stack finished meals
  4. Now it is time to assemble:
    1. Pick up a freezer bag and label it with the name of the first recipe in your stack.  Be sure to put today's date too.  
    2. Add the meat stated on your selected recipe
    3. Add the seasoning blend stated on your selected recipe
    4. Add the canned and/or liquid ingredient stated on your selected recipe
    5. Seal the bag, taking care to squeeze out all of the extra air.  Once tightly sealed, squish contents  to distribute evenly.  When done, lay flat on counter and go back to the front of the line to start the next recipe.  
Repeat this process until you have completed all of the selected recipes for this session of assembly line freezer preparation.  When you are ready to use these meals at a later date, just refer to the printed recipe for cooking instructions.  These meals can be made in a variety of ways, including slow cookers, oven baked, grilled or even stove top.

Tami's Tip:
Plan one of the meals you have assembled to be dinner tonight.  When you get to the end of the process, you'll have Dinner in the Bag!

To help you make your Freezer Meal choices easier, below are links featuring 'Fill the Freezer' recipes on this blog sorted by type of meat.  When one of those meat items goes on sale, click the link, print the recipes of choice and assemble away!


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